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We attend, evaluate and document new planning, rebuilding and extensions of installations and equipment to ensure and prove that all requirements were and will be fulfilled.

Our offer in supporting you ranges from undertaking the task of doing specific steps – single required procedures (risk analysis, technical specification, review requirement specification, DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ,...) including coordination and documentation integration – up to attending/taking over the overall process (project planning, timing schedule, project controlling, …).

If this mission has to take place in your unit, by component suppliers, in Germany or abroad makes no principle difference – it’s only a question of communication and coordination.
Structured documentation is in focus concerning all processes. The inspectors’ slogan
“What has not been put down in writing never happened”
is encountered best with specific appropriate documentation.
If the documentation has to follow your in house regulations or if such regulations have to be established is one of the things to coordinate

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